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Employment Solicitors at Law and Lawyers are independently top-ranked Lawyers, who can work with you to find a solution to your problem.

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Law and lawyers’ employment law solicitors provide exceptional and affordable legal services in East London, to employees who are in distress. We are well aware that when a difficult situation arises with your employers, you are likely to be distraught and require urgent advice. This may be against a background of bullying and harassment, redundancy, disciplinary proceedings, performance allegations, sickness, discrimination, settlement agreements, gross misconduct, constructive dismissal, unfair dismissal, resignation, a contractual dispute or for any other matter.

Our large team of highly experienced and skilled Employment Law Solicitors based in London and Manchester are experts in every aspect of employment law and are also specialists within individual practice areas. We are dedicated to providing prompt, practical and authoritative legal advice on employment law issues and we can provide immediate legal representation anywhere in the UK.

Please note that our tax advise is strictly limited to Stamp duty Land Tax (England) and Land Transaction Tax (Wales) on Conveyancing matters. The tax/advise for the above is calculated on basis of the details provided by you (clients)

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