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Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

Our experienced and proactive team provide comprehensive solution to the legal issues. Our advice is personalized to meet the need of all our individual clients. We believe our clients find our approach both practical and understanding. We make sure that any course of action is both reasonable and pragmatic for our clients.As the economic background becomes more intricate, a trustworthy and professional advice is required to protect and preserve wealth.

We are here to support you;

  • If you need help making a will?

  • If you need legal assistance to plan for the future or to deal with assets of a relative who just passes away?

  • If you wish to contest a will or inheritance decision?

We provide an expert advice and guidance on all the aspects of inheritance law. Our qualified and experienced solicitors give a friendly and professional service at reasonable cost.

Do not assume that all your money and possessions will automatically pass to your spouse and children – Without a will, things may not go as planned. Your partner or spouse may be charged with large inheritance tax without a proper attention to legal technicalities.

Oaths and Affidavits are legal documents that are required for court proceedings or as a part of probate and other civil proceedings. We act as Commissioners for Oaths and the legal witness for swearing of an Oath.

Inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax is the only form of tax or duty imposed on the death of a person whose domicile is in the UK. For many years the tax was known as estate duty; in 1975 this was changed to capital transfer tax, which affected not only the property which passed from one person to another on a person’s death but was also a tax on most gifts that people made in their own finances.

At present the first £325,000 of your estate passes free of tax, but any value over this is subject to an IHT liability of 40%.Steps can be taken to reduce your estate’s liability, and these depend on your individual circumstances.

It can be executed through your will, trusts or other mechanisms, and may, involve the following;

  • Use of gift allowances
  • Use of specific exemptions
  • Setting up one or more trusts, in lifetime or through a will
  • Severance of joint tenancy

This list is not exhaustive and we also work closely with Independent Financial Advisors to achieve the best solutions for you in your lifetime and through your will.

The tax law changes every year and we advise on your specific needs, and recommend that these are regularly reviewed as the tax structure changes.

Administration of estate

If the person has made a Will, then it will set out how the estate is to be dealt with after his/her death. But in the absence of a Will, the estate passes under the Rules of Intestacy. In the absence of a Will, family may need assistance to understand and decide who inherits from the estate.

Our advice and assistance may involve applying for letters of administration, or a grant of probate, transfers of property, calling in of insurance policies, liquidation of assets, tracing of beneficiaries and negotiation with the HM Revenue & Customs.

The paperwork and the process can be hectic and extremely time consuming. We are there to help and can assist you throughout all or part of the process and may be able to identify tax planning opportunities.

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